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Best Omega Juicer Reviews

Everything you need to know about Omega Juicers

Juices provide nutrition to our body and improve the absorption of nutrients. Not only does it provide vitamins and minerals but it also acts as a cleanser for your body. It helps to increase the overall energy and immunity while accelerating the body metabolism.

However in order to start a diet of juices it is important to have the right type of juicer which can help you to extract juices from all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Due to the large availability of different types of juicers in the market it becomes difficult for people to decide which one is best for them.

In this article you will get to know everything about Omega juice extractor which can help you to make a better decision.



How was the list made?

This list was made by keeping several things in mind such as-

  • Warranty

Different juicers come with varying warranties, and it is important to make sure that the juicer which you are buying comes with substantial warranty both on the motor as well as on other parts.

  • Motor strength

Every juicer has different motor strength. Some of the juices have high strength whereas some have low. This makes it important for you to know the motor strength before buying any juicer.

  • Cost

Typically it is seen that the price goes up with the performance of the juicer. If you spend more money you will get a juicer which has a high juice yield along with several other features and better warranty.


Product reviews


This dual-stage masticating juicer is a slow speed juicer which makes sure that every single drop of juice is pulled out from your favourite fruit or vegetable. This Omega juicer has a speed of 80 RPM which helps in the elimination of any heat buildup and friction. Due to the low speed oxidation is reduced along with the promotion of healthy enzymes.

It has a high yield technology which gives its users very dry pulp along with an automatic pulp ejection function for non stop juicing.



  • It has an adjustable end cap with 5 settings which ensures maximum output of juice and extraction.
  • Since it is a masticating juicer with a high power and low speed it exposes the food to less oxygen while also preserving maximum enzyme and nutritional values.
  • It is a multi purpose nutrition centre which can be used for processing almond milk, or even to grind coffee beans and mince herbs and garlic.
  • The auger is 8 times stronger than other plastic materials as a result of which it extracts maximum amount of juice from fruits vegetables, leafy greens vegetables and even wheatgrass.


Due to the high power motor continuous use can cause an increase in the heat along with reduced efficiency.



It is considered to be one of the best Omega juicer in the industry. It offers a 15 year warranty along with top quality materials and dual masticating system to ensure maximum extraction of juice from all types of ingredients.

However the biggest stand out of this Omega juicer model is its flexibility. It can be used as a juicer to extract juices from fruits and vegetables to grind coffee beans or any spices or to even make baby food or frozen desserts.



  • It has a low speed of 80 RPM which ensures minimum heat build up and minimum oxidation of the ingredients.
  • It has a dual stage masticating extraction which ensures maximum extraction of juices from all types of fruits and vegetables while maintaining its nutritional value.
  • The size of the feeding chute is large as compared to two other models. The large size ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing the fruit or vegetable.
  • The cleaning process is extremely easy and you do not have to to pause while using it due to the automatic pulp ejection system.



Due to its multi functionality it can cause some trouble during changing the system from one type to another.



Many of the Omega masticating juicers have a slow mastication system but none of them is as quite slow as this one which is capable of producing a large amount of juice from even a small quantity of ingredients. Not only does this feature the dual organ system but additionally this model has a double edged auger.

The double edged auger provides a tight fit which helps the ingredients to move much more efficiently during the juicing process. It also makes sure that the fibre content of the ingredient is broken down smoothly and at a consistent speed.

This masticating juicer works very deliberately and slowly while squeezing new ingredients to make sure that every drop of juice is released.



  • Due to the slow rotational movement almost all of the heat is eliminated along with a reduction in the oxidation process. Due to the decreased heat, the heat sensitive nutrients and enzymes are also preserved which would have otherwise been destroyed.
  • This juicer is vertical in design which makes it even more better to be kept on any countertop with minimum usage of space.
  • This Omega juicer uses cold pressed technology which is one of the easiest ways to access types of nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants that enhance the overall health by boosting your immunity.


This juicer is vertical in design which may have certain disadvantages while squeezing juice from any e ingredient. The auto cleaning system keeps the screen clear but still requires you to clean it up after you are done juicing.



This vertical Omega juices is compact and slimline design for small families and couples or individuals living alone who want to get good quality juice on a regular basis without having to wait a long time.

It works efficiently to squeeze all of the juice from the ingredients in a deliberate slow manner while also separating the pulp from the juice. The juicer works at a speed of 80 RPM and can handle leafy green vegetables as well as soft and hard fruits and vegetables efficiently.

This Omega slow juicer has a dual state system which means that first the juice is extracted by crushing the vegetable or the fruit and then it is squeezed during the second pressed stage. This ultimately leads to a higher yield of juice with very dry pulp.



  • Due to the low speed system it limits the heat production thus preventing oxidation of the juice. This increases the shelf life of the juice and it can be stored upto 72 hours without any degradation or separation of the juice.
  • It has three settings including the reverse option which is useful if something gets stuck and you need to unclog it.



The self cleaning system is not efficient as it should have been thus it requires manual cleaning.



This juicer has been engineered specifically for leafy green vegetables. It provides consistent and quiet power due to the 2 HP Motors system. It works at a slow speed of 80 RPM which results in minimum oxidation and heat production.

It also has a industry-leading warranty of 15 years covering all the parts and the performance. Not only this it also has an adjustable end cap which consists of 5 settings for maximum extraction and output. Due to the automatic pulp ejection you can enjoy continuous use without having to clean up the pulp container.



  • It has a large feeding chute as compared to the other Omega models. Thus you can put the entire fruit such as an apple or a small vegetable without having to cut it into small pieces.
  • Due to the slow squeezing system it reserves all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals by reducing the oxidation level.
  • Green vegetables can also be used for a variety of healthy uses such as citrus fruits, wheatgrass and celery.
  • It works more than just extracting juices. It can be used to extrude pasta and prepare fresh baby food.


The motor of this juicer can be damaged if used continuously for a long period of time. It can lead to overheating and reduced efficiency.


Buying guide

Due to the numerous options which are available in the market it becomes difficult for a person to decide the type of juices which is suitable for them. Before a person goes to buy any juicer, he can have several questions which when answered can help him in making the correct decision.

Which Omega juicer is the best?

Selecting the best juicer can be a difficult task. This is mainly due to the fact that its user is designed for some specific purpose. Some of the juicers can be considered to be the one which gives the highest yield, whereas another juicer can be the best for leafy green vegetables.

However if you have to choose one Omega juicer, the Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor can be considered to be one of the best.

It serves multiple purposes and is suitable for the extraction of juices from all types of fruits and vegetables including the leafy greens. It not only acts as a juicer but can also be used to extrude pasta or to grind coffee beans and spices. It is also used to prepare baby food salsa and frozen desserts.


What is the best type of juicer to buy?


There are several types of juices available in the market ranging from masticating, centrifugal, twin gear and a juice press. Each type of juicer has been designed for different purposes, and when Omega juicer comparison is done, you will find that each of them can be considered good for a specific purpose.


If you want a fast juicer then centrifugal is the perfect choice for you not only save a lot of time and effort but also give a good yield of the juice. It works at a speed of 12000 RPM and are thus able to handle soft fruits better. Due to the incredible speed it can prepare juice quickly and is suitable for people who are all in a hurry to go for their work.


On the other hand masticating juicer works at 80 to 100 RPM, and gives a better as compared to the centrifugal type. Due to the slow speed it tends to produce less oxygen thus improving the shelf life of the juice.


Twin gear juicers have two gears as a result it can separate the juice in two stages. During the first stage it presses the ingredient and squeezes out the juice from them thus releasing more enzymes, vitamins and minerals as compared to other types of juicers.


A juice press works in two stages. At first the produce is grounded into pulp and then juice is extracted very slowly by putting thousands of pounds of pressure on the pulp. It is the only type of juicer which contains an actual press and is therefore considered to be the true cold press juicer.


It can be said that the type of juicer which is best only be determined by the user itself after putting in consideration the various requirements.


What is the newest model of Omega juicer?


The Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center is the newest model launched by Omega. It is a dual-stage masticating juicer which uses a next generation slow pressed system in order to squeeze and masticate the fruit or vegetable to give you maximum yield. It does not have any heat build up due to the slow speed. Not only this, the Omega fruit and vegetable juicer also preserves healthy enzymes and vitamins which are heat sensitive. Due to the extra wide feeding mouth which guarantees that you do not have to spend a lot of time for preparation of your ingredients. You can simply put the feed whole without having to cut it into smaller pieces.


Which juicer is better masticating or centrifugal?

There are several types of juices available in the market for different prices. Before buying a juicer the two words which confuse a person the most are centrifugal and masticating. Understanding the difference between these two can be difficult but if understood correctly it can help you decide the correct type of juicer that you need.


There is a great difference in the primary method by which both of these juicers work. Centrifugal juicers have only one blade which rotates at an extremely high speed. This high speed slices the food quickly allowing the juice to flow.


If food waste is considered centrifugal juicer produces much more waste than the masticating juicer since they are not able to break down the food items like a masticating juicer does. Although the blade spinner at a high speed in the centrifugal juicer it does not utilise the squeezing action as in a masticating juicer which leaves are greater residue.


Centrifugal juicers lag behind in many aspects but preparation time is not one of them. It allows you to place large pieces of food in the mouth due to its large size. As a result you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing the ingredient by cutting it into smaller pieces. On the other hand masticating juicer clog if a large piece of food chunk is put inside them. In fact the gears can break down due to jamming if a large piece of food is put into it.


If the speed and quality is measured then centrifugal juicers are much faster than masticating juicers. In this era people tend to prefer items which give them the fastest results. So as long as you only juice soft fruits such as grapes and strawberries, centrifugal juicer can be perfect for you. But if you are planning to choose hard items such as carrots and apples you will have to accept the fact that faster is not always the better option. The masticating juicer takes a much longer time to extract uses but they can easily deliver juices from items such as carrot.


What is the best juicer 2020?


If we consider Omega juicer reviews, then the Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor can be considered to be one of the best options for juicers in 2020 due to its multi functionality.

This Omega juicer is versatile and flexible without any sacrifice to the performance of power of the motor. This masticating juicer can squeeze all the juice from even vegetables leaving behind an incredibly dry pulp which is ejected instantly so that you do not have to pause between your work to clean up the pulp compartment.


To conclude, it can be said that the type of juicer that you buy is completely dependent on your requirement. Thus in order to make the correct decision, the most important step is to understand the differences between all types of juicers.

Last but not the least when the price is considered masticating juicers are a lot more expensive than the centrifugal juicers. This is because it can process hard foods, whereas the centrifugal juices cannot juice hard items. Thus if you need to extract juice from foods which are hard and plan to use it for a long period of time a masticating juicer will be worth the price.